9 Fall Curb Appeal Tips When Selling Your Home

Fall in Connecticut can be an excellent time to market your home! People are starting to hunker down for Winter and that can only mean one thing – a cozy place to stay warm!  Staying warm inside means buyers are out looking for their ideal home to share with family and friends for the holidays. It also means buyers are out looking RIGHT NOW! Let’s talk about how to make your home the most appealing home on the block so buyers pull up to your house and say WOW!

You don’t need much help with the season being this beautiful! It can be easy and affordable, and some of these can be turned into DIY projects!

Remember, first impressions are everything!

Create a Welcoming Space

Swapping out your dingy mat for an Autumn-inspired welcome mat can make your front entrance seem cozy and inviting. Wreaths aren’t only for Christmastime! Hang a wreath made out of colorful leaves, branches, berries or seasonal flowers on your front door. Wrap fake leaves around lampposts or columns to liven up your space.

Add Bright, Seasonal Flowers

Mums are the perfect seasonal flower and come in a variety of shades, instantly transforming a drab front porch! Plant them in cute planters (or pumpkins!) near your entryway.

Turn Your Fall Activities Into Porch Decorations

After pumpkin picking with your family, grab some extra pumpkins and gourds to set on your front porch. Corn stalks, available at some orchards and our favorite grocery store, Stew Leonard’s, can be set against posts or columns and look great as a neutral-colored backdrop for pumpkins, mums, and other bright Fall decor. We love this entryway by Cindi McCloud, who incorporated pumpkins of all different sizes and colors to her entryway.

Update Outdoor Lighting

With the days becoming shorter and daylight hours decreasing every day, make sure your outdoor lighting is in good working condition. Not only will bright outdoor lights illuminate your beautiful front entryway, they will instill a sense of security in buyers.

Rake Leaves, Weed the Garden Beds and Clean The Gutters

A well maintained yard is a sign that you take pride in your home – a tidy outside means a well cared-for inside. Clearing your yard of leaves shows the depth and size of your property and cleaning the gutters prevents water build-up that can seep into your home. Giving your house some tough love will give it the extra oomph this season. Never underestimate the power of a good powerwash!

Clear The Driveway, Walkways and Doors

Nothing is worse than walking through (real) spiderwebs at a front door or traipsing through piles of leaves to get to the front door. Rake or sweep fallen leaves and make sure driveways and pathways to every entry are clear. As much as everyone loves hearing the crunch of Fall leaves, buyers will appreciate not having to step over large or soggy leaf piles on their way to your house, and this will keep the interior of your home clean if buyers aren’t bringing the outdoors in. This house below, built by Riverstone Custom Builders, has the right idea!

Get Your Yard Ready for Spring

Make sure you till your vegetable garden every Fall for amazing produce the next year. For your lawn, aerate and feed the lawn Fall fertilizers to help your yard survive the winter and thrive the following year! Fall is a great time to fill in with grass seed, so long as you water it!

Shape Your Trees and Shrubs

Fall is the perfect time to thin out overgrown trees and bushes so they will fill in and thrive in the Spring. It’s the ideal time to clear out dead branches and pull any unsightly plants. I always thin out our bushes and tend to the perennials.  If my perennials are getting larger than I want I will dig some up and give the bulbs to friends and family. If you plan to take any plants to your new home, now is the time.

Ease Up on the Halloween Decorations

While some people may go all out when decorating their home for Halloween, if you’re trying to sell your home, it might be a good idea to leave those ghosts, goblins and witches in your basement for next year. You don’t want to spook your buyers! Brian Branton incorporates festive Halloween decor into his entryway without being over the top.

Are you thinking of selling your home this Fall? Call us for more tips and so we can help market your home this season!

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