A Fun Week Filled with Candy!

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I have to admit, this year’s Halloween was amazing!  Jaxson was Leonardo from the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.  He was so cute that I wish he could wear that costume every day!!  Last minute as usual and about 2 hours before our Halloween party, I had a bolt of excitement which brought me directly to Party City to pick out costumes for me and Dave…I couldn’t have Jaxson be the only festive one!  As you can imagine, the last minute decision left me with limited options but putting on a fun wig and dressing silly made it truly feel like Halloween in the Snyder Home!  Jaxson had quite the week as his second Halloween was a week filled with festivities.  He toured the Enchanted Castle, had a costume party with his buddies, followed by a school trip to Silverman’s Farm, and finished off with his first real “TRICK OR TREATING”…we really made heartwarming memories this year!

I remember how much candy my brother and I would bring in every year…so much that we would have to throw out our leftovers.  I came across a posting by The Huffington Post that I thought would be fitting…what to do with all that Halloween Candy?!?!  Click here for some tasty and fun Halloween Candy recipes! I hope these recipes leave your home smelling delicious!

We hope everyone enjoyed Halloween as much as we did…

Cheers until next week,


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