Safety Reminders for Holiday Lights & Our Favorite Light Shows!


It’s that time of the year when houses everywhere are aglow, adorned with holiday lights. They certainly look beautiful, but safety is a critical component to consider when hanging holiday lights outside the house. As the old saying goes, “Do it right or don’t do it at all.”

  • Before decorating, check lights and cords for fraying, cracks, etc. and discard.
  • Only use lights and extension cords designed for outdoor use, tested by UL or ETL (this information can be found on the box). (IDHS)
  • When using a ladder, do not stand on the top two rungs.
  • Always have a partner to steady the ladder and assist – never hang lights alone.
  • Connect lights to a grounded outlet, preferably a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet. (Fox News)
  • Wrap electrical tape around connected plugs and use it to cover open sockets – this will help to prevent water from getting into the lights.
  • Turn off holiday lights when you go to bed or leave home.
  • When storing your lights at the end of the season, take care to seal them tightly to protect against rodents nibbling on them or water getting in. (Fox News)



If you’re not up to decorating your home, check out these exciting local light displays instead:

Wonderland at Roseville

A personal favorite!
226 Roseville Terrace in Fairfield

MacDonals Road Display

Tune into 97.3FM while visiting for a choreographed light display!
20 MacDonals Road in Trumbull 

Park City Lights

Drive through the park and check out multiple displays!

Beardsley Park in Bridgeport

Cummings Christmas Lights

Tune into 106.5FM to watch and listen to 20 sequenced song/light displays from 5:30PM-10:00PM!
13 Weil St in Stamford 

Holiday Lights at Lake Compounce

Featuring the State’s Tallest Holiday Tree, rides, ice carvings, pictures with Santa, and more!

Lake Compounce in Bristol

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