Calling all Fairfield County Newcomers!!

When I first moved here, I didn’t know anyone! It could be a bit overwhelming to only know your spouse and your real estate agent. Over the past six years I have put together an excellent list of organizations for newcomers and for moms. I thought I’d share them with you! Whether your are looking to move to Fairfield County, just moved here, or have been here a while and feel like you need some new friends…..this list should guide you down the right path to socialization! 

When I first moved here I did not have kids yet (although I have two beautiful babies now!), I wanted a carefree night out…I wanted Ladies Nights Out! This first list is for the people that just want to have kid-free fun!lno

  1. The Welcome Club of Fairfield and Easton: This group provides great entertainment! They not only have a Ladies Night Out, They have an Adult Only Game Night, a Guys Poker Night, and an Annual Clambake that is the talk of the town! ( WC Banner_smaller b
  2. The Rotary Club:  Rotary International is a volunteer organization of business and professional leaders who provide humanitarian service, and help to build goodwill and peace in the world. You can meet, volunteer, make friends, and do something positive! In Fairfield-(, in Westport-( And in Trumbull (
  3. Neighbors and Newcomers of Westport: Neighbors and Newcomers of Westport is a non-profit social organization established to help new and existing Westport residents make connections through common interests and social events. They have a Girls’ Night Out, an Annual Clambake, Monthly coffee meetings and a Holiday Party that is sure to please!  ( newcomers
  4. The Country Club of Fairfield  is a great way to meet people with similar interests, if you’re into golf and dressing up for  fabulous Galas! ( country

Now pull out your strollers Moms and get ready to meet some local moms with similar values and adorable babies!  Here are all of the local great Mom meetups in Fairfield County that I have personally tried! stroller-baby-mom

  1. CT Moms was my favorite meetup because they had meetups, email blasts of local events, and their own online tagsale on BigTent! ( Their BigTent Tagsale (
  2. The Wilton Moms Club is more local and you’re more likely to run into one of the Moms at Trader Joes. I liked this meetup for that reason. (
  3. Moms of Weston was a group of very powerful women that wanted to meet up and have some social and baby fun. (  weston
  4. Moms Club of Norwalk is a larger group that can meet up in different areas of Norwalk. There is so much to do in Norwalk with kids like the Aquarium and Stepping Stones, that the Norwalk Meetups were always fun! ( Club® of Norwalk, CTMOMSLogo
  5. Out and About Moms is a great group if you like to get out for long stroller walks and out doors stuff. And there are different groups in different towns! ( outabout
  6. Moms Club is a group I never got into because I never could figure out which location and chapter. It was a little bit overwhelming to me but if you figure it out…..please let me know! Here is the list of all the chapters in Connecticut. (


Now if you some how made it through this list and still feel that you need more to do, then check out this list of all the newcomers and moms groups in the state of Connecticut! (


Now if you’re the Loner type that doesn’t want to join a group but still wants to join in on all the fun activities, then you should sign up for one or all of these weekly emails blasts. They send out an email of everything that is happening in your area! Simply Fabulous for people that don’t have time to search endlessly for all this stuff on their own.

  1. SuzySaid is a staple website, business, email, and friend. Just fill in your zipcode and sign up for emails! suzy
  2. Hulafrog is a new fan favorite! I personally know and adore the owner. It’s a great way to find out what is going on around you without every leaving your laptop! Just fill in your zipcode and go!  hula
  3. The Puzzled Giraffe is new and it is very helpful with fun kid activities!  giraffe


Enjoy!!!!!  You don’t have to join all of these clubs but you do have to get out and meet new people. Fairfield County has so much to offer and you will be missing out if you don’t step out of the house every now and then. And hopefully I will meet you at a Ladies Night out or a Clambake! 


Remember, we are here for all of your real estate needs!


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