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Well we are now into April….how many of you are still following your New Years Resolutions? If you’re like me, you stayed strong through February and found yourself to busy or forgetful by the end of March. Now we are into April and wondering how we get it back! resPINFor all of my loyal followers, I am here to revamp your resolutions! Imagine how accomplished you will feel if you can make it through the year with your resolutions still intact. The trick is to have clear goals set. I am going to give you all the secrets of goal setting that I have been researching and if you follow my easy steps, you will be pushing through December with your resolutions like a Boss! Let’s get started!ressuccess

Explore your Habits and Behaviors

Your habits and behaviors are the real reason we are here. You have certain habits and behaviors that sabotage your hard work. So once you know what your goals are (or if we are using our resolutions as goals) we need to ask ourselves two questions.

What current habits and behaviors will hep me reach my goal?

Are you hopelessly optimistic? That can help! respossible (2)

What current habits and behaviors will impede my efforts? 

If your goal is to run a marathon and you’re already running on the treadmill three times a week, then that is a current habit that is helping you reach your goal. resfail2However, if the last time you ran was when that dog was chasing you through the park, you need to change your habits and behaviors.

reswrite2Write Them Down!!!

The most important thing you can do is write them down! A research study by Harvard found that people that wrote down their goals were 42% more likely to achieve them than the ones who didn’t. Telling a friend about your goals increases your odds to 78%!! So write them down, post them on the frig, and talk to your friends and family about your goals. If you and everyone else know what you’re striving for, then what can stop you? Really?


Getting Goals

Brainstorm!                                                           resgoals2

Think about what will make you happy and what you want to accomplish in your life.  Areas to focus on can include personal qualities, relationships, health, interests, attitudes and related areas. Try to come up with a good mix of short-term and long-term goals so you are consistently accomplishing your aspirations, however small they might be….you’ll feel accomplished in the end!

3 Different Sets of Goals

I have 3 different sets of goals so that I don’t get overwhelmed. I have short term goals, long term goals, and bucket-list goals. 

Short term goals   resclock

These can be anything from “I want to have done at least one load of laundry by the end of the day” to “I’d like to finish my laundry by Sunday.” There’s no real limit of time to short term goals….it’s just something you’d like done in a SHORT amount of time. 

Long term goalsresimagine

These can be something like “I would like to finish my degree in the next two years” or “I want to meditate every day for the next 6 months and see if it helps my anxiety.” Again, no real time limit but something that will take a LONGER amount of time. 

Bucket-list goals

These are my life-time goals or things I want to do before I die. These are something that you can’t put an actual time on. “I want to go to Rome” but I need to save up money, find someone to watch my kids while I go, get off work for that amount of time…..this takes a lot of planning… I put it on my bucket-list goals sheet so that I can see it and start working on it and eventually move it to my long term goals or short term goals list. If you have long dreamt of vacationing in Rome, but you never seem to have the cash when it comes time to book it. No problem. Figure out how much it will cost you and start saving small increments of cash into an account you never look at. If you’ve calculated correctly and are keeping track of your savings on a checklist, you’ll have no trouble paying for the trip when it’s time to lock down your summer plans. The theme here is to write it down and keep track of it.resrockstar


A useful way of making goals more powerful is to use the SMART mnemonic. While there are plenty of variants (some of which we’ve included in parenthesis), SMART stands for:resending (2)

  • S – Specific 
  • M – Measurable 
  • A – Attainable 
  • R – Relevant 
  • T – Time-bound

For example, instead of having “to sail around the world” as a goal, it’s more powerful to use the SMART goal “To have completed my trip around the world by December 31, 2015.” Obviously, this will only be attainable if a lot of preparation has been completed beforehand!

What Else?

Support! Let those trusted family members and friends you told about your goals about your efforts and any struggles you may have, so they can provide you with encouragement and guidance if and when you experience challenges, including practical and psychological barriers, with reaching your goals.  Even better, see if family members or friends have similar goals so you can work together and cheer each other on.resfollow

Track! Hold yourself accountable by tracking your progress toward each of your action steps and goals. Make a list or calendar of action steps, check off each step as you accomplish it. Try to stay on track with the timeline you have created…if you veer off course, make an alternative plan for completing your goals or reevaluate your goals.reschecking

If your goal is to get your masters degree, write down the steps it takes to get there….that way you can keep track of your success as you are reaching your goal. It could look something like this:


Step 1- apply to school

Step 2- register for classes

Step 3- buy/rent books

Step 4- get through one semester at a time (maybe have a checklist or checkbox for each anticipated semester)

Step 5 – write thesis


Find out your anticipated graduation date and mark it on a calendar – keep that page on the calendar open so you see it daily and are reminded of the light at the end of the tunnel.

Achieving Goals 

When you’ve achieved a goal, take the time to enjoy the satisfaction of having done so. Absorb the implications of the goal achievement, and observe the progress that you’ve made towards other goals.

If the goal was a significant one, reward yourself appropriately. All of this helps you build the self-confidence you deserve.resplan

With the experience of having achieved this goal, review the rest of your goal plans:

  • If you achieved the goal too easily, make your next goal harder.
  • If the goal took a dispiriting length of time to achieve, make the next goal a little easier.
  • If you learned something that would lead you to change other goals, do so.
  • If you noticed a deficit in your skills despite achieving the goal, decide whether to set goals to fix this.

Tip: It’s important to remember that failing to meet goals does not matter much, just as long as you learn from the experience.

Feed lessons you have learned back into the process of setting your next goals. Remember too that your goals will change as time goes on. Adjust them regularly to reflect growth in your knowledge and experience, and if goals do not hold any attraction any longer, consider letting them go.res2015



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