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Are you getting ready to sell your home this Spring?  Is your house on the market and lacking positive feedback?  Appearance and curb appeal are everything when marketing your home, and surprisingly, it doesn’t take much out of your pocket to make some impressive changes.

We found a few quick and affordable fixes to improve your homes’ value and to spark new interest! These interior tips are very helpful because when it comes to fixing up your home at a low cost, everybody wins.    Check out these suggestions for staging your home so that it will appeal to more buyers and more importantly, SELL!

  • Depersonalize your home.  Packing away personal items such as photos and nic-naks and other distracting items will help potential buyers visualize your home as theirs.  Remove magnets from the refrigerator, put large kitchen appliances away, and replace any small throw rugs with a larger area rug.  For as little as a few dollars, you can box up these things and store them elsewhere.  The only cost here is the boxes and packing tape!
  • Clear out the clutter.  Nothing makes a house look smaller than clutter.  By clearing out old or unused toys, paperwork, boxes, etc, your home will instantly increase in valuable living space.  Removing big, overbearing furniture can make a room seem larger and maximize living space as well. You will want to keep all pathways free as well so buyers can walk about freely while they look at your house.  If you can spare an extra $100-200, renting a small storage unit for those things will be worth every penny. Another affordable option is bins that neatly tuck items away in a basement or attic, it’s never too early to start packing!
  • Rearrange and neutralize rooms.  Fresh, neutral paint on the walls is worth it, making everything appear neat and new.  Paint and supplies costs can run anywhere between $10-$100 but will instantly increase the appeal of your home.   Closets should be neatly organized, making sure to get rid of old clothing and shoes that can release undesirable odors and make the closet smaller.  You can help others and get a tax refund on some of those donated items as well!
  • Scrub and deodorize.  No one wants to look at a dirty, smelly home!  Cleaning and airing out your home before every showing is a MUST.  Get rid of litter boxes and any other pet supplies that release odors.  Unpleasant smells are an instant turn off to buyers.  We would suggest having your home professionally cleaned from top to bottom, making sure to get windows, sliding door tracks, ceiling fans, the basement and the garage to rid of any unsightly dirt and grime prior to listing the home, then you maintain it on your own every week.  This cost can vary depending on location but in Fairfield County, you can have your home professionally cleaned for roughly $100-250. (depending on square footage.)

For exterior curb appeal, we would like to add some of our own suggestions that will help to guarantee positive feedback when marketing your home:

You must always ask yourself, “What do I notice first when looking at someone’s home?”

  • Keep the lawn neatly mowed.  An unkept lawn will definitely make for a negative first impression.
  • Pull all the weeds!  Weed around and in between walkways, and also around the patio area.
  • Fresh flowers go a long way!  Plant some impatiens which are fairly inexpensive and will last longer.
  • Invest in fresh mulch.  New mulch will help to make the garden area really “pop!” and makes the grass look greener almost instantly.
  • Spruce up the deck by repainting or re-staining.  An old deck that needs work is not appealing.
  • Fresh paint!  A fresh coat of paint on the front door and trim will make the front of the house look brand new!
  • Clean the windows!   Washing windows inside and out make them sparkle and instantly brighten up the rooms.
  • Dust the webs away!  No one wants to see cob webs in windows, door ways, basements, and garages….no one!
  • Fix what’s broken!  Fences, cracked windows, appliances, door handles, etc…anything broken should be replaced to increase the value and integrity of the home.

We suggest bringing in a professional stager to all of our homes, simple fixes and furniture changes can really make your home pop and be remembered in a positive way by buyers.


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