The Power of Fresh Paint

The New Year brings new resolutions and a fresh outlook on life – but have you thought about transferring those good vibes to your home? Give your abode a resolution in the form of fresh paint!

When you’re planning on selling your home, updating the interior with fresh, neutral-colored paint may be just the thing to capture buyer’s attention and help them to envision themselves living in your home. Even if you’re not planning on selling just yet, updating your walls will add value and create a more modern appearance.

Our listing at 2272 Redding Road just repainted the first floor of their 6,200 square foot home and we think it looks like a brand new house! The new, fresh color scheme instantly added value and gave this home the face-lift it needed. Take a look at the “before” and “after” photos of this home’s first floor.


The foyer will be the first room buyers will see in your home, and first impressions mean everything! The entryway area will set the tone for the rest of your home, so create a warm, welcoming space that flows through to the entire home. Calming colors like light blue, gray and off-white work well in foyers and entryways.

Dining Room

Dining rooms are a place to entertain with friends and family over a good home-cooked meal – not to stare at questionable wall paint. The walls and decor should be the backdrop to all the amazing times you will have in your dining room. Again, stick with calming colors and enhance with pretty decorations, rugs, curtains and dinnerware.

Living Room

The living room in this house had so many unique features not usually found in new construction homes, such as the curved plaster wall and the marble fireplace; the light gray paint fades to the back and lets the architectural details shine. The white crown molding and French Doors sparkle as if they were repainted too! Notice that the homeowners didn’t need to replace any furniture, just a couple pillows, which in most cases can be done when painting with a neutral color.

Family Room

We all love this nautical shade of blue the homeowner chose, and it looks perfect in a variety of rooms, as you’ll see below! This blue is the perfect, fun choice of color and complements the gray walls and white trim in the other rooms with beautiful contrast. Look at how the backyard trees and bushes pop against the dark blue interior walls, whereas the light beige color washes out the foliage.


The navy blue paint makes this library feel much more cozy and comfortable and also makes the white built-ins and trim shine. Win-win! The homeowner only changed out the pillows to match the walls better, but in many cases if you already have neutral-colored decor and furnishings, you won’t need to change out home decor or furnishings.

There you have it! Cool shades of paint win out as the biggest bang for your buck when updating your home. To see more pictures of this stunning home, click here.
When you’re ready to sell, call us so we can help you with the process!

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