Tis The Season to Tip!


Who Gets Tipped and Just How Much This Holiday Season

Tis the season to give and give back!  Tipping this holiday season is a great way to show your appreciation to people who take care of you in some way the rest of the year!  When tipping, consider the relationship you have with that person, for some people cash is great, others baked goods, favorite liquor, a gift card or a simple gift is perfect.

Mail Carrier- Federal and city employees must follow the Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch. Mail Carriers are not allowed to accept cash tips and gifts worth more than $20. Consider a gift card, gloves or baked goods.

Trash Collector- Private Trash companies tend to have flexible gifting policies so we would suggest tipping $10-$30/ per person, depending on the service and how often they come.

Newspaper Carrier- Thank the people who deliver the good (or bad) news to your house weekly!  A tip of $10-30 is appreciated.

Beauty Salon/Barber- A tip equivalent to your usual hair appointment cost is a great tip for your favorite hair stylist/barber!

Housekeeper/ Cleaning Crew- You want your home to continue to sparkle throughout the next year!  A holiday tip of one cleaning visit is encouraged.

Dog Walker/Dog Sitter- Don’t forget to take care of those who take care of your furry friends!  A tip up to one weeks pay is recommended.

Au Pair/.Nanny- For a child care worker who comes to your home, one week’s salary is ideal for a tip

Daycare Provider- For a daycare program outside of your home, a $20-50 tip or gift is encouraged for each worker. In addition, a note or drawing from your child is always appreciated!

Babysitter- A fair tip for your babysitter is 1-2 days/nights of their hourly rate.

Teacher- Always check with the schools policy first to ensure you are not breaking any department rules. If there is no organized gift by the classroom, consider a gift card, candle, baked goods, plant or book, with a note from you and your child!

Lawn Maintenance- A tip of one weeks pay is ideal.

School Bus Driver- Don’t forget the people who safely take your children to and from school each day! Check with department policy but a $10-30 gift or gift card is great.

Elderly Care Provider- Take care of those taking care of your loved ones! If there is more than one person who takes care of your loved one due to different shifts, a gift basket is ideal so everyone can share! Again, double check the company policy.

And remember, out of sight, out of mind does not apply to holiday tipping!  Just because your mailman comes during the day when you aren’t home and you haven’t gotten to know them, doesn’t mean you should not tip! Tip someone who has done a superior service for you all year! If on a strict budget this year, a thoughtful card thanking them is always appreciated.

Happy Holidays, From Our Homes, To Yours!




*Photo Credit, The Etiquette Staff
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