Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until March To List Your Home

You can only imagine how often realtors hear the words, “We’re going to wait until March.”

Properties get sold when the right buyers have the opportunity to see them.  Inventory is at some of its lowest levels in January, so that means when people are snuggled up in their homes browsing online, there is a higher likelihood that your home will be seen, because there is much less competition.  Also consider, there tend to be fewer homes on broker open house tour, so there is more likelihood of a realtor that will bring a buyer will see it, once again…less competition.

Here is a chart that illustrates this perfectly. This chart is from Raveis.com, and shows the total inventory from August 2014-October 2016 for single family homes in Fairfield between $350,000-$1,200,000.


Remember learning about “Supply and Demand” in economics class?  Demand in this case is interesting, because it starts before the offers are actually are seen.  It starts when people make their New Year’s resolutions to find their next home after they get through the holidays…so your home needs to be there waiting for them when they open up their laptop and search what’s available.

Last Spring, our record open house attendances happened very early in the year–before March.  People want to get out, and their choices for activities in the winter are limited. Also, buyers often want to get a jump on what’s out there so they can close and move as soon as the weather gets nice.

So what are are waiting for?  Give us a call and let’s get ready to sell your home!

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